1122 W Lauridsen Blvd, Port Angeles, WA 98363 (MLS # 1140562)

1122 W Lauridsen Blvd, Port Angeles, WA 98363 (MLS # 1140562)

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Listing provided by Better Properties Kent

PRICE $465,000
BATHS 1 bath
HOME SIZE 936 sq ft
LOT SIZE 2.52 ac

LOCATION! lLOCATION! Rare 2.52 acres w/9 buildable lots in the city limits. In addition, house, 560 sf barn, outbldgs & detached garage. Surveyed lots & marketable timber for builders or investors. This 2 bdrm house has updated plumbing, electricial, insulation & roof w/finished basemtn for storage, etc. The home sits on a nice open lot w/room for a garden, parking, wonderful mnt view & fruit trees. So many possibilities for buyer!

TRACT Port Angeles YEAR BUILT 1927
COMMUNITY Port Angeles COUNTY Clallam
STATUS Active PROPERTY TYPE(S) Single Family

School District Port Angeles
Elementary School Dry Creek Elem
Jr. High School Stevens Mid
High School Port Angeles High

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APPLIANCES Dishwasher, Range/Oven, Refrigerator
AREA 922
BASEMENT Concrete Block, Daylight, Fully Finished, Post & Bloc, Yes
EXTERIOR Barn, Cable TV, Deck, Outbuilding
GARAGE Carport-Detached, Garage-Detached, Yes
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